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Sep 19, 2014
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CD&DL DATA 05-06 2014 issue for Sukekiyo and Dir en grey :3

the last few images are of the poster.. which is a really nice poster! sorry for the folds though :/ .. tbh I kind of wish diru would have had a poster like this for each member.. same could be said for Sukekiyo too.. but really this is a lovely feature!

download full version here because there’s no imageshack links:

also I’ve lost some of my scans so sometime in the coming weeks i’ll be asking if anyone still has some of my scans on hand… I hope some of you guys do ^^’ .. reason I’m asking is because a lot of my dl links are dead .. booooo .. anywhos, so i’ll be making another post asking for which ones I’m looking for .. and to anyone new to my pg, you can find more scans at

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京      Rolling Stone  May 2014

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sukekiyo in Moscow (TEATR CLUB) - PART II. via (and a lot more photos there)


Sonntag. :)
#sukekiyo #liveonstage #bochum #zechebochum #ameagarinoyuushi
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Sonntag. :)
#sukekiyo #liveonstage #bochum #zechebochum #ameagarinoyuushi

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